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We promised to send regular updates on the blog, and here we are, 7 months since the last post. Don’t hate us! :P The Coworking Space Our coworking space is finally open to the public! Let’s be honest; we’re not a luxury coworking space. The place is a bit spartan, but it’s filled with friendly folks, and that’s what really matters, right? :) Our rates: Daily entrance: €15 5-day pass: €50
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Wen Open

This blog post is a quick update on the work going on behind the scenes to finally open the hackerspace. The Good News The good news is that we’ve received the keys from our landlord, and the whole space has been finally cleared of all the furniture that had been left inside by the owner. The Bad News The bad news is that removing the furniture allowed us to finally see the naked space for what it is, and there are definitely a few things that need to be fixed.
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We Finally Have a Home

It’s official: today we signed the lease contract for a commercial space right in the city center! It’s a relatively big commercial space, at the ground floor, in a very central area. This space should be more than enough for our initial community, with room to spare for growing and hosting larger events in the future. The place is very close to the main subway station that serves the city center, Vittoria.
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