We regularly organize events open to our members, including hackerspace nights, hackathons, film screenings, and meetups with presentations. You can find more information on our social media pages.

Coming soon

  • hack.bs Christmas cocktail - 23rd December 2023, 17:30

Event log

  • hack.bs meetup 0x001 - “Introduzione tecnica a Bitcoin” with Alekos Filini - Youtube
  • hack.bs meetup 0x002 - “Rust vs the others” with Daniela Brozzoni - Youtube
  • hack.bs meetup 0x003 - “Introduzione a Wireguard, una VPN moderna ispirata a SSH” with Simone Degiacomi
  • Satoshi Spritz Brescia - 8th September 2023
  • hack.bs meetup 0x004 - “Se hai una passione, facci un podcast” with Turtlecute
  • hack.bs meetup 0x005 - “Marketing 101: l’ABC per aspiranti Guru” with Ivan Adamovich